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The Brown's Gas (BG) Opportunity Package is intended primarily for potential Water Torch Collective, Ltd. Distributors.

The Brown's Gas Opportunity Package is only available to a) those who sign a nondisclosure; and b) pay the $175.00 US nonrefundable package/service/screening fee.
We do not patent our technology. We choose to use other means to protect proprietary information. The nondisclosure is an example of that protection.
($100 of the purchase price of the 'Opportunity Pack' will be credited toward a distributorship if the distributorship is acquired within 3 months of receiving the Opportunity Pack.)
The Brown's Gas Opportunity Package contains:
  • 1x CD with a mini version of a 2 day 'Leader of the Pack' event (includes one-time use CONFIDENTIAL pass code-protected Business Plan and Marketing Strategy segment.)
  • 1x See Water Burn (BG Video 3) Fabulous uses of Brown's Gas © Eagle-Research, Inc., SKU ER1-V1-0023 (VHS), SKU ER1-D1-0023 (DVD)
  • 10x full-color Brown's Gas brochures (includes 3 ER1200 WaterTorch™ feature
  • 1x HyZor Technology (Brown's Gas in vehicle application)© George Wiseman, Eagle-Research, Inc., ISBN 1-895882-30-3
  • 1x Neutralization of Radioactive waste Video Clip - see BG Opportunity CD (Proof that Brown's Gas neutralizes radioactive waste.)

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